Day Programs

Day Programs provide clients with an opportunity to actively participate in and be valued by their community

All programs are designed for the service user to achieve full participation and goals, with activities selected base on the dreams and aspirations of the individual, as communicated by them. We aim to ensure that the person and those who are important to them are central to the way we operate

Life Skills Development

Our programs help individuals to develop everyday skills in life so that freedom is achieved to gain more control over everyday tasks



Quality of Life

Through careful planning, we aim to improve the quality of each individuals life through greater choices and more freedom


Adult Education

We provide programs that help educate individuals in upskilling them so they can achieve their goals as set out in the overall plan




Social and Community Inclusion

Our social and community inclusion programs help individuals to participate in social activities and interact with the community





Our programs also address the wellbeing of the individual so that all factors of life quality are addressed



Building Independence

Through careful planning, independence can be achieved using step by step strategies that build on achievable mini goals to achieve the overall goals





Building Long and Fruitful Relationships

This is done through our relationships programs which allow an individual to establish strong relationships with others in their environment







We design our programs to always aim for the end result of individual empowerment and this is interwoven into our programs




Recreation and Leisure

We also make sure that there is alot of fun as well which balances out the training and work put in through other programs.  This is a vital part of an individuals wellbeing






Person Centered Approach

We believe that the community and social participation of a participant is the key component of development. So the main aim of the HHCC team is to deliver services according to the principle of a Person-Centered Approach.

Healing Hands Complete Care

Our host of services and our experienced staff are the primary reasons why you should seek us out. Above all we are a multicultural company with a multicultural staff who is tolerant and sensitive to your religious or cultural needs.

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