Long Term Accommodation

Our goal is to support your choice regarding where you live – whether that’s at home with your family, in a place of your own, or in a home with others in the community.

We’ll listen carefully to get a clear picture of your goals. Then together, we’ll come up with a way forward that can help you achieve them. The accommodation support we offer is flexible and can adapt as your needs change over time. Accommodation support could be someone dropping in to your home once a week, all the way up to a 24 hour model of high needs support.

Shared Living

Living in a shared home gives you an opportunity for greater support and companionship and to be part of your local community


Independent Living

Support with independent living gives you flexibility and control over the type and level of support you receive. It ensures you get drop-in support only when you need it, so that you can live as independently as you wish.


In your home

Our in-home accommodation service can provide planned respite for you or a family member, if you are caring for a person with a disability. Our in-home packages are flexible and responsive to each family’s circumstances.




Person Centered Approach

We believe that the community and social participation of a participant is the key component of development. So the main aim of the HHCC team is to deliver services according to the principle of a Person-Centered Approach.

Healing Hands Complete Care

Our host of services and our experienced staff are the primary reasons why you should seek us out. Above all we are a multicultural company with a multicultural staff who is tolerant and sensitive to your religious or cultural needs.

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