Short Term Accommodation

We provide specialist short term accommodation options for adults, young people and children with disability throughout Sydney

It can take many forms, but essentially it is time-out: a short interval for those who need care and those who give it, so each can have a break from the other, their routine and their surroundings. Our short term accommodation options also provide opportunities for new and different experiences.

One on one short term care

where you are paired up with a support worker for an agreed time that suits your particular needs. This time can be spent in your home or out in the community participating in local activities of interest.


Group short term options

that works by matching your needs with other clients who may have similar needs and interests and enjoy participating in a group respite activity.


Facility based options

This is where we match your needs and interests in one of our shared short term accommodation facilities.



Person Centered Approach

We believe that the community and social participation of a participant is the key component of development. So the main aim of the HHCC team is to deliver services according to the principle of a Person-Centered Approach.

Healing Hands Complete Care

Our host of services and our experienced staff are the primary reasons why you should seek us out. Above all we are a multicultural company with a multicultural staff who is tolerant and sensitive to your religious or cultural needs.

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