Social and Community Participation

Feeling connected to your community is important to your happiness and sense of wellbeing.

We will support you in taking part in activities that you enjoy, giving you the opportunity to meet and mix with people who share your interests. That means you don’t have to attend a day program if you don’t want to. Examples of community participation that we might help with are outings to the cinema, park or museum, perhaps playing a sport, shopping or joining a club.

We will find and match you with one of our Direct Support Professionals based on your shared interests. Our aim is to support you to achieve your unique goals and aspirations and to help increase your sense of independence as a valued and participating member of the community.


We can help to extract the create side of an individual through painting which is very therapeutic and help with personal expression



Mixed media

Mixed media is also a way to develop skills and create newfound abilities which help to exercise the mind



Ceramics offers another outlet to allow the body and mind to coordinate and bring together art and skill to develop accomplishment and satisfaction




Sculpture is an amazing way to relieve stress and strengthen the hands while learning a skill that allows you to create freely






Photography is something that is easy to teach and fun to do.  Low skill level required and very rewarding as you will learn the art of taking photos



Papermaking is also another easy activity that can be very rewarding and still bring accomplishment while drawing out hidden talents




Person Centered Approach

We believe that the community and social participation of a participant is the key component of development. So the main aim of the HHCC team is to deliver services according to the principle of a Person-Centered Approach.

Healing Hands Complete Care

Our host of services and our experienced staff are the primary reasons why you should seek us out. Above all we are a multicultural company with a multicultural staff who is tolerant and sensitive to your religious or cultural needs.

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